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Can anyone help me identify a rose?

I'll try and keep this short...I recently received my preserved wedding bouquet and I am thinking that these are not my roses that I sent to them. My bouquet didn't have very many greens in it. This bouquet has leaves around the edge of the bouquet that look like grocery store rose leaves? (and a few within the bouquet)

I hate to think that I have been bamboozeled, but if anyone can point out a website that can help me identify roses, it would be a great start! Thanks!

Can anyone help me identify a rose?
Try this site:

Sometimes when bouquets are preserved the color of the roses (or other flowers) changes. Sometimes the outer petals of the flowers become discolored and the preserver chooses to remove them, which makes the bouquet a little smaller, so they might fill in with more/new greenery.

Hope this helps.
Reply:Since the one you have now is preserved, you could go to a flower shop and look for the rose (you described it very well so you must remember what the particular rose in question looks like)...and ask them the name of the rose. If they don't know (then these employees should be fired), then maybe you could take pics of the rose from there and post pics with your question next time.

Do i have to cut climbing rose bush in the Fall?

Planted climbing rose bush in spring, it climbed it's green but no flowers yet is it normal?And do i have tu cut in down?

Do i have to cut climbing rose bush in the Fall?
A Yahoo search for "climbing rose bush" (include the quotation marks in the search box) yields 2,840 results. If you do the same search, and are willing to spend a little time exploring, I'm sure that you will quickly find the information you seek.

Good luck with your search.
Reply:you should stop pruning by mid-August, only deadhead if the rose is still blooming. No you shouldn't cut it down before winter. The idea is for the rose to NOT put on any new growth between now and winter, because the new growth is tender and may get killed by the cold. Pruning/cutting back stimulates new growth. Alos roses in cold climates get alot of winter kill. Prune in early spring..
Reply:let it keep growing this fall, then prune back in january. It should start flowering next spring. Don't forget to fertilize it at the beginning of spring.
Reply:If you trim it it will bloom better. You want to trim it above a set of 5 healthy grouping og leaves. Usually you will want to cut it practically to the ground in the dead of winter when it gets too big.
Reply:Roses love abuse, trim it if you want, or not, either way. I just wait until my roses become too unruly and then I wack them back. Roses also LOVE fertilizer, I use Miracle Gro. This will most likely make them bloom. I used Miracle Gro on my wild roses this spring, gave them a Huge dose, and I had sooooo many blooms they weighted down the branches! Good Luck!
Reply:I think so.!

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How do I bring my mini rose bush back to life?

In August a friend of mine gave me a mini rose bush as a gift. I transplanted it, because the pot it was in was getting too small. It did really great for the first few months, but now all of a sudden it's drying up! Is it because of the fall, and if so, should I do anything special with it like prune it down? Or is the pot it's in getting too small on the inside and causing this strange behavior? Help!

How do I bring my mini rose bush back to life?
Don't do anything. Just cut back the dead wood, water it, and leave it 'til next spring and see what comes up.

You will be amazed at just how hardy roses are - they do not require anything like the 'mother hen' attention that they often get - most end up being mothered to death.
Reply:My daughter sent me one as a Mothers day gift, and I planted it outside, now it is beautiful. It just did ot do well pot bound.l
Reply:Roses look dead during the winter. Put it in a place where the roots will not freeze. You can even put it under an old rug or blanket. Next spring when the nights are in the high 60's, bring it out into the sunshine and start watering it. Do not let the soil dry out. Mix time-released rose fertilizer into the top soil (follow the directions on the container for potted plants). During the summer, you can water it with rose liquid fertilizer if you wish, BE very sure to mix as directed on the container or it will burn your rose. Do this about every 7 to 14 days.
Reply:Your rose is probably root bound and needs to be in a larger pot or the ground. Just remember that if there is green then there is hope so don't give up on it yet. Prune it back to 3-4 inches and plant it in the ground where it can get full sun. Make sure you remove the old soil from the roots and gently spread them apart and trim away any brown or black roots leaving only the white and creamy colored roots. Dig a hole and pile a mound of soil in the center and spread the roots over the mound, but not in a circular pattern. Fill in the hole with soil and water well. Lay a thick layer of straw around the base of the rose to help insulate it from winter freezes. Once you rose is established this won't be necessary.

Good Luck
Reply:Pee on it.

How long will a bare root rose last before I have to plant it?

I bought a bare root rose, and have not been able to plant it yet. We are still having some nights that freeze. I live in the high desert. How long can I wait before it dies. Also, it has started to grow, is that o.k.? Do I have to do anything to it before I plant it?

How long will a bare root rose last before I have to plant it?
It is real important that you keep the plant in a bucket of water to keep it hydrated. Keep the plant in a sheltered area like a garage that is not to warm. It is starting to grow and that is ok . If you can plant it soon and shelter it with one of those covers for roses ( looks like a flower pot turned upside down) and lotts of mulch for the roots it should do fine . When you plant it dig a hole and make a cone shape in bottom of hole spread out roots over cone add soil to just below bud union . mulch extra well and keep well watered until well established
Reply:Roses are pretty cold tolerant. Mine regularly go down to -5 C or 20 deg F. Areas close to me get down to much cooler temperatures and still grow them with no problem. (They are related to Blackberries so their tough.) My garden books tell me the modern roses have a lower temperature range of 0 to 10 deg F and the old fashioned roses even cooler.

You can't keep it in the original bag for too long, they are packed to keep going for only a matter of weeks eg enough moisture.

I would plant it in a pot (nurseries do it all the time), to keep it going and if your really worried you can bring it in overnight.

Let it establish it's self and plant it after a few weeks. If it's shooting I would definitely pot it up.

If it has been bagged with sawdust or potting mixture make sure you wash this off well before you plant. Check all the roots after the washing and cut any broken roots neatly at the break. Most important thing is to not let the roots dry out. Plant in pot or ground immediately at the same height as where soil at the growers has been, water well to exclude air bubbles etc. Check regularly to see it doesn't try out but don't water if it doesn't need it.

My roses grow to temperatures up to 110 deg F with a regular garden water,mulch, manure and not much more. Its hot and dry so I don't need to spray.

How can I press a dry, rose bud without damaging it?

I have some dry, full, rose buds which have an enormous sentimental value to me. I would like to press them somehow, without causing damage or losing petals. Is there any method I could use to make the bud moist and then be able to press it? Any ideas...Thanks!

How can I press a dry, rose bud without damaging it?
Pressing a DRY rosebud is just going to destroy it. I would suggest getting a container to put it in permanently. Alternatively, consider contacting a florist or floral designer to see what they would suggest about preserving it. Don't press a dry flower of any sort - you'll just end up with fragments.
Reply:If you press a DRY flower, you will get flower powder. You should have done the pressing when the flowers were alive. All you can do at this point is preserve them and put them in a dry vase.
Reply:I have had success by using wax paper. Put the rose between two sheets of wax paper and either put it in a press or under several heavy books.

How do a plant a second rose bush by using a bush that I already have? Do I get seeds from it?

Or do I cut off a certain part and plant it? I have a rose bush that I love and would like to make more from it, if possible. Or do I have to just go buy a new rosebush if I want another? I would like to grow my own.

How do a plant a second rose bush by using a bush that I already have? Do I get seeds from it?
Take about a 5" cutting,leave it in fresh water and it will form foots.When the roots cover the bottom of the glass transplant it to potting soil and keep it moist.
Reply:Take a long stem from it and bend it until you can bury it into the ground. Cover with soil and water. Sprinkle some RooTone on it to help it root faster. This works with almost all bushes.
Reply:Seed willnot come true. You can try to root ot as the other person mentions. However many roses are grafted. The top of the rose is genetically different from the botton. The top cultivar is grafted onto a rootstock. One it heals and starts to grow, the top is cut off the rootstock. This is because it is tough to breed for a pretty flower and a strong root system. It is worth a try.

FYI rootone is aeffective if it touches the plant, not on the soil. You may not even need it in this case.
Reply:add a boy rose bush

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How to take clippings from a rose bush in bloom?

My sister has a rose bush that i would love to have. Its in bloom right now and I would like to either transplant it to my house or at least take a clipping that is sure to root. Does anyone know how this is done?

How to take clippings from a rose bush in bloom?
Clip it below a 7 leaf joint and on an angle. Remove the flower and put the stem into the soil so that the bud next to the 7 leaves is just above the ground. Cover it with a glass jar. Water regularly. When the jar fills with leaves, the transplant is complete and you can remove the jar. It is extremely hard to grow a rose that way. It would be far better to find out what the variety is called and buy your own bush.
Reply:My mother was able to grow roses from clippings, but I have never been able to do it. I hope you can find the variety of rose you want. The most beautiful red roses are Christian Dior and Mr. Lincoln. Report It

Reply:my friend used to take a branch and put it in a bucket of dirt while it was still attached to the bush and let it root that way when the roots formed she would clip it worked for her