Saturday, November 19, 2011

Can you grow a small rose bush indoors?

I have a small rose bush that my mom bought for me from the grocery store. I had it indoors and it almost completely died. I then planted it in a larger pot and put it outdoors on my porch and it has done wonderful since. Now that winter is coming I'll have to bring it back in or it will die. Does anyone have any useful tips for keeping it alive indoors?

Can you grow a small rose bush indoors?
Sure. Give it a nice South window location. Be sure to aerate it (poke holes in the dirt) if it begins to dry out too much between waterings. Water after aerating (screwdriver, pencil, scissors are good ;hole making tools) Never let it have wet feet (sit in water) mild solution of fertilizer now and then (half strength) It might even enjoy a trip to the shower on occasion to rinse house dust off of its leaves. good luck
Reply:If you been growing the rose out side make sure when you bring it in that you watch for mites..a lot of yellow of the leaves or spotting of the leaves and treat it if you find that happening. Also make sure you uses a very good potting soil and a nice sunny spot and you should have blooms in the winter!! Don't forget to feed the rose also!
Reply:Yes, you can grow a small rose bush in side your home. Just give it plenty of sunlight, love, and care.
Reply:Leave it outdoors unless you have extreme winters. Rose brushes will

survive mild winters ( light, short freezes ) If you expect a hard freeze, bring

it in for the night(s). And don't forget, before next spring, transplant into a container one size bigger
Reply:Given the right conditions, you could keep it indoors.

As long as its got good drainage (not over watered) and a steady source of light and heat, like a small lamp. Otherwise it will be fine out in the cold, since it will hibernate during the winter.

If you keep it indoors I suppose you will want it to be a source of green during the winter months.



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