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Is it important to plant rose of sharons deeply? mine still look like twigs two years later.?

I planted some rose of sharons that were given to me a couple of years ago. they still look like immature plants. they hardly get flowers on them. they basically look about the same exept a little taller maybe. the person who gave them to me didn't plant them vary deep and i wondered if that might be the issue? I have been reading about rose of sharons and everyone says how they spread and how easily they grow. What am i doing wrong?

Is it important to plant rose of sharons deeply? mine still look like twigs two years later.?
I don't know why someone would say to plant them deeply. All you are doing is suffocating the plant. Shrubs and trees should be planted slightly higher than the root ball. It is much better to plant to high than to deep. Dig up the plant raise it up and next year it will do better.

Rose of Sharon requires some sun but can take part shade. Plant at ground level. Did you put any mushroom compost in it when you planted it? This is an organic fertilizer that will last up to a year. It doesn't smell great but your tree will love it.

If you are not getting any growth to a tree there could be a couple of issue.

1. Your soil needs something added to it such as lime, or other nutrients. You can always get your soil tested at most county offices or extensions. It usually takes about two weeks to get the result back.

2. Have you kept on a regular watering schedule.

3. You can fertilize twice a year with a slow six month nitrogen release fertilizer. This can be done in spring and fall.

4. Check to see if the branches are healthy. Take your finger nail and scratch the surface. If it is green it is healthy. If it is brown then it is in shock. Add the fertilizer either way.

Make sure if you have mulch or pine staw around the base that it is not piled up too high.

I hope this has helped some and browse through my site map and see if you can get any other tips that might help you out. I will also direct you to a page on planting a tree.

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Reply:Somebody once told me to spend a penny on the plant and a pound on the hole. This is so true. If your soil is right then anything will grow. The top of the rootball should be level with the surface of the soil. I have hypericum (rose of sharon) in light shade and it grows very well. Is your soil dry? If you have planted near to a mature tree / shrub or near a hedge your soil in that area could be short of water. I always dig in quite alot of compost when I do any planting in the garden as I find it really improves the structure of the soil.
Reply:Planting depth has nothing to do with growth rate. As long as the root ball was planted at the same level as the ground then it was properly planted. Too deep and your plants will rot. Too shallow and the roots can become exposed and it could fall over in a strong wind. Your problem is probably in the soil or the amount of sun it gets. It could be that your soil is weak and needs to be amended with compost and your plants need fertilized during their growing season. It could be that they are not getting enough sun. Rose of Sharon need at the very least 4-6 hours of direct sun. They can take some shade, but prefer sun.

Good Luck

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