Saturday, November 19, 2011

How far down do rose bushes roots go?

I'm wanting to put in a rose bush in a corner garden I have in my front yard. However, here is my delima. The water main to our house is about 6 feet under my garden. Should this be a problem or do I not worry about it? That one spot is the only place I can think to put it. Thanks so much.

How far down do rose bushes roots go?
I wouldn't worry about it. The 'tap' root of the rose does go down quite deep, but in all my years of experience I've never had a customer have the problem of rose roots damaging any kind of plumbing pipes.
Reply:Roses usually have one deep tap root and the rest are quite flexible and shallow. Even the tap root should have no problem growing around the pipe - I've never known rose roots to invade or destroy any plumbing system.
Reply:Its not a concern. Most rose roots rarely go down further than 2-3 feet.

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