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Where can i buy black rose bulbs online?

I looked on google, but i cant find a place with black rose bulbs. help please!

Where can i buy black rose bulbs online?
There are numerous black plants to choose from to add drama in your black garden: deep purple to black tulips (Black Parrot or Queen of the Night), black mondo grass, black hollyhock (Alcea rosea Nigra), and Colocasia ‘Black Magic’ (a black variety of elephant ears).

Ralph Moore has bred a miniature rose called Black Jade – near black buds mature into elegant dark red blossoms.

Roses that are so deeply red they can appear black include varieties like 'Black Magic', 'Black Beauty', 'Black Baccara' %26amp; 'Nigrette'. Try the English Rose 'Tradescant' for scent and color. However remember roses alter their color depending on your soil and sun exposure. 'Raven' is the closest to the perfect dark red I have grown.

Some other dark, nearly black plants to consider include iris (Dark Vader, Superstition), pansies (Bowles Black), dahlias (Arabian Night), columbine (Black Barlow), and daylilies (Starling, Black Jack), Black Sweet William, Dianthus barbatus (Nigracans), Black Peony Poppy, Papaver somniferum, and Black Coneflower, Rudbeckia occidentalis


Try; Roses, Peonies, %26amp; Clematis
Reply:Roses don't grow from bulbs. They are shrubs. Actually there is no such thing as a black rose since the blue color gene needed to create such a dark rose does not exist in roses.

Closest you could get would be a deep crimson or red.

There are tulips that are considered "black", not as Gothic as the mystical black rose, but maybe would fill the bill.
Reply:Roses are not bulbs. They are plants that grow from seed or are taken from cuttings.

Many companies sell dark red roses; known to be almost black. Try Edmunds, Jackson %26amp; Perkins, or Weeks Roses.
Reply:This excerpt taken from

Q.: Where can I buy a blue rose? Or a black rose?

A.: In short - you can't, because there is no such thing. A true blue rose has been the "holy grail" of rose breeders for hundreds of years, however roses simply do not have the genes to produce a blue colour. You may have seen photos of a "blue" rose on the Internet - these are forgeries.

We may see a genetically modified rose in years to come (Suntory in Japan is working on this) but as of this date there have been no breakthroughs. The roses with "Blue" in their names are wishful thinking - they are mostly a pale lavender colour. Similarly for black roses, there are very dark reds, and dark purples, and some red varieties have petals that burn to black in the sun, but there are no true blacks.
Reply:My friend has black roses - not natural, but here's how she does it.

Grow a white rose, something like an Iceberg. Then she waters it with water containing Indian Ink, which gets taken up by the plant, and produced a black rose. I must warn you it gets taken up by all the surrounding plants too, and isn't very eco-friendly, as well as not making a perfectly black coloration, but here and there you get the perfect black.

Best of luck!
Reply:Sorry, roses grow from roots, not bulbs.
Reply:Roses don't grow from bulbs.For rose bushes try Jackson and Perkins on line.
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