Monday, May 11, 2009

How do i connect a ceiling rose to mass of cables?

i had disconnected all cables from a ceiling rose for putting up a new light,but unfortunately didnt mark what was connecting what,now im trying to reconnect the ceiling rose back,i have 4 main cables coming out from ceiling each have brown,blue,yellow/green cables and also 1 single brown and blue cable their own,could anybody please give me some advice how to connect the ceiling rose back,thanks.

How do i connect a ceiling rose to mass of cables?
first switch off mains.

red wires x 3 go together in loop

green/yellow x 3 go to earth terminal.

neutral is black x2 blue x1

switch=brown x1

as you have mixed up the wires , it may be better to get a electrician to do the job.

there are 3 black wires

2 blacks are neutral 1 =switch which one ?
Reply:you need to find out ,what is the hot one , this is the one that provide the power, to the light, the other is the switch , the green/ yellow is the ground, prevents shocks ,

one could be a ceiling fan, wire, poss the blue one . runs the fan.

all lights run off just two wires, the rest is for your switch

i would use a old light fitting, to see what brings o nthe light . that way, you will know what is hot .

on your old light fitting, you maybe have some old wires, maybe a black or brown , perhaps this maybe the way to go , just takes time to work out

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