Monday, May 11, 2009

How to treat a rose in shock?

I just purchased two rose bushes yesterday. I repotted them and now one is fine and the other is wilted. What can I do to save this rose? It has lots of buds on it and I want it to bloom. I am new to growing roses, I have several roses now and none of them have ever went into shock. Help!

How to treat a rose in shock?
Never fertilize a plant that is in shock this will kill it. If your rose has transplant shock buy some Seasol, it is a sea weed extract that it is a mild tonic and helps with transplant shock.

The roots are obviously not supporting all the foliage. Make sure the pot is put into the shade temporarily till it recovers. It may loose all its leaves. (a natural survival instinct) Don't panic. When it's roots recover a bit it will send out new leaves. If some of the stems get die back just cut of the dead bits as they occur. Give it a regular water - don't let it dry out but don't over water only when it needs it.

Roses are very tough, just be patient and don't push it to hard and you will find it will recover. Good luck.
Reply:You need to go to a flower and garden shop and get some type of food (for Roses) ask gardening specialist first. you need to keep the plant in some light .
Reply:what is the tempature if it is really hot plants do not like to be transplanted in the sun or the heat I always do it in the moring or evening and make sure it gets a good dose of water and also when I am transplanting plants I purchase a product called miracle gro quick start its for plant shock and I use it on everything and I swear by it-I do not plant any thing with out it it helps the plants from going in to shock and gives them a boost of energy to stimulate the roots to get them going so they bloom faster-I by it at wallmart-good luck!
Reply:Make sure there are no ant hills or bugs around it. Also, you can disolve a couple of regular aspirin in some water and pour it on the soil. It helps with cut flowers....maybe it will help with planted flowers too.
Reply:I put mine in the shade, and put a hose drip on it until it showed me new growth. Give it some Superthrive, that will solve the problem. I had prize winning Rose in one month on that new growth. (Helen Traubel (spelling?. )

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