Monday, May 11, 2009

How do you seperate a bleeding heart plant & a rose bush?

My mother has a bleeding heart plant %26amp; a rose bush that I would love to have a starter plant from but we have no clue how %26amp; when to seperate them?

How do you seperate a bleeding heart plant %26amp; a rose bush?
Bleeding heart plants can be separated, but rose bushes are typically grafted onto root stock of a stronger rose variety - they'll have all above ground shoots formed from one above ground basal shoot, so there is nothing to separate. For this reason roses can be propogated by cuttings, and come to true to type, though they may not grow as strongly on their own roots compared to the same variety grafted onto a stronger plant's roots. You can graft roses, so it would still be possible to have a vigorous plant.

Rose cuttings work well if taken as 6'' to 8'' long stems, which are frequently cut after flowering has finished. Remove all material down to the first 2 healthy leaves, and cut at around 45 degrees. Dip in hormone rooting powder or solution, and place in 2/3rds sand and 1/3 peat, in a shady area. Remove the lower foliage that will go underground, for around a couple of inches. Don't allow them to dry out until they are well rooted.

I'd divide a Bleeding heart plant in autumn or spring, just use a couple of forks, and prise the plant apart. Replant, add some humus to the space, such as peat or compost, and ensure the plant is watered, as there will have been some stress from the division.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob
Reply:The first link is a forum discussing propagation of the bleeding heart - go down about halfway.

The second is on propagating roses.

Good luck!
Reply:One way would be to take a garden hose with a nozzle that produces a jet stream of water. Begin spraying the soil and pulling it back away from the roots until enough is exposed to safely seperate the two without damaging the small feeder roots.

Once that is accomplished remove the plant and wrap the roots in a wet towel or put into a bucket of water to take it to the desired planting location and replant.

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