Monday, May 11, 2009

When is the best time to transplant a rose of sharon bush?

A most beautiful rose of sharon decided to grow too close to the foundation of the house. I need to move it soon. When would be the best time to transplant it? Thanks in advance for your thoughtful answers.

When is the best time to transplant a rose of sharon bush?
Hey Susan. If the rose of sharon is still small, less than three or four feet high, you might consider keeping it where it is as long as you can, and transplant it in early fall. If you absolutely can not wait that long, I would transplant it very, very carefully in the early evening hours without the sun overhead, and water it very well that evening. One trick I have used with rose of sharons is a beach umbrella for the next couple days after an emergency minimizes the effects of the bright sun on the plant when its root system is healing, and tends to really help the process. Hope this is helpful! I have been growing, grafting and transplanting these beautiful little trees for about twenty years and I love them too.
Reply:The white one with the pink center is a hard-to-find variety sometimes. They spread so well from seed...if you lay a blanket under it in the fall, once the pods dry and shake the bush, you will have a ton of seeds you can plant and get many more! Good luck! Report It

Reply:If you are colder than Zone 6, I'd wait till first thing in the spring. You can cut it back severly then. They bloom on new growth, so next summer you'll still have flowers.
Reply:My rose of sharon is deciduous. So the best time to transplant it would be to wait until all it goes dormant in the fall or winter.
Reply:Old and new Rose-of-Sharon varieties transplant well from containers throughout summer and early fall. They thrive in virtually all soils and prefer full sun for maximum flower production. Moderate to heavy pruning in early spring maintains a tight and tidy shape with lots of flowers.

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