Monday, May 11, 2009

How do I keep deer from eating my rose bush?

The deer are eating the roses off my rose bush. Help.

How do I keep deer from eating my rose bush?
Try a product called "Liquid Fence." It smells like rotten eggs and garlic when first applied, but the smell goes away when it's us anyway--the deer can still smell it. I swear by it and use it every year myself. It's also nice in that you don't have to run out after EVERY time it rains and reapply. You can get away with applying once a week...if there's a usual amount of rainfall or no rain.

You can find it at
Reply:Try soap in a packet on the bush Report It

Reply:Deer are browsers and it is difficult to get them to leave their favorite treats. However there are products on the market which contain carnivore urine or scents which are very effective.
Reply:#1 has a great answer, dinner too.
Reply:Liquid Fence and other similar products work, but constant re-application, and the stench, especially on cutting roses or plants near living areas, outweighs the benefit. Roses are candy to deer; give up on them in deer-prone areas. Coyote urine and other natural scents only work if your deer know and are afraid of coyotes, which is not likey. Same for other animal/human scents. Fences need to be 8 ft tall, or electric, to work. Consider replanting with Butterfly bush, peonies, iris, and other deer-resistant flowers.
Reply:Throw a good party have lots and lots of drinks and have all the guys go out and pee by the roses. I promise the deer will leave. Why do you think there are so many scent removers on the market for hunters?
Reply:Place a 4ft garden hose near your roses. The deer believe it's a snake..they are very fearful of snakes. The 2nd thing

to do is place a piece of your clothes near your bushes..your scent will keep them away. 3rd take a foot of panty hose a place human hair inside..the scent again will repel for me
Reply:A rifle.
Reply:Go to your hairdresser and get some hair to hang on the rosebush. (Or if you do your haircuts at home...) This smells like people and will make the deer skittish. Grama swears by it.

Or put kitty litter around it (used kitty litter). Even though kitties are small carnivores, they're still carnivores, this might also make them skittish. It works well for smaller animals, but I'm not sure how well it'll work on deer.

Also, you could try spraying with hot sauce. The hotter the better. It won't hurt the deer, but it'll burn their tongue and make the roses less appetising. Need to respray after each rain. I've used this successfully for other critters, I imagine it'd work as well with deer.

Or a combination.

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