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How to make sure the roots of a rose bush is dead?

I have just removed a climbing rose and rambler both 15 years old ( a lot of heavy work).All branches and foliage is removed and I am left with two stumps of roots no more than 10 ins high. I do not want them to re grow--any chance of this? or can I do something else to make sure they are dead.

How to make sure the roots of a rose bush is dead?
The hard work is done now and you can soon sit back and relax.

The best way to ensure no regrowth occurs is to dig everything out, however as you are beginning to wilt, there are several options.

1. Apply deep root or brushwood killer to the stumps (available at most good garden centres). This will kill off the stumps, however the base would just rot over a period of time and not look the best. The soil remains unharmed.

2. If you can remove the top growth to well below the knuckle (clumpy base bit) it is unlikely that the plant will regrow.

3. If you don't worry about the soil and the same spot is not going to be planted and no plants are near by, you can use sodium chlorate weed killer. kills the plant and the soil.

Whichever way you get rid of the rose, people say don't plant roses in the same spot (untrue) A new chemical called "root to grow" allows replanting in the same spot and disposes of all the old stories.
Reply:grind them out. thats if you can't pull them out... did you try a crow bar... I just pulled a dead tree out of my yard with one it was about 2 or 3 " in diameter... the tree came out with ease once I got the crow around it.
Reply:The roses you have lifted were grafted onto root stock. You removed the top but the root stock will regrow, not as the original rose but probablly a dog rose. No need to dig it out just drill some holes at the edge of the stump and pour in some root killer. Cover the stump with a plastic bag, checking on it periodically to top it up. Now it will not regrow next Spring. Unfortunately nothing is available to rot it down quickly this will be a natural process.

Hope this helps you.
Reply:Tear them out of the ground and burn them.
Reply:Just wait and see. If they start to sprout in the spring (and it is quite likely they will), just wait until there are a few leaves and spray the bushes with a good systemic weed killer (like Roundup). You may need to repeat again in a couple of weeks but then the roots should be quite dead.

Reply:if it's not going to be in your way, put a bucket over it... a dark or black one... put a rock on top..... starved of sunlight, it will soon give up....
Reply:Why not dig them up and dump them. It wouldn't matter if they grow or not then would it?

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