Monday, May 11, 2009

The leaves of my rose look like burned on the edges. Do you have any idea why?

I have the rose into a pot next to the window. It is a lot of sun, but as I know it is ok for roses. I give water to my rose every second day. And lately I gave my rose some liquid fertilizer. I put the water together with the fertilizer into a tray and then I place the rose into that tray for 15 minutes each time. The question is what is causing my rose to have the leaves burned on the edges just like being burnt by fire? Can it be the sun? Or is it the fertilizer? And what should I do to prevent that happen to my lovely rose if it is not the sun or the fertilizer?

The leaves of my rose look like burned on the edges. Do you have any idea why?
roses are heavy feeders and it is unlikely you over fed it from what you described. roses are outdoor plants. when you have an outdoor plant inside it will not get the required amount of humidity or moisture in the air. typically, you have to spray the foliage with a misting bottle or actually have a humidifier in the room. this could cause your leaves to have a scorched appearance in combination with full sun through a window. cut the affected leaves off and start spraying the foliage with fine mists of water in addition to what you were doing. hope this helps.
Reply:If you have the time, take one of the leaves to a local plant nursery or garden center. Ask to speak to a certified landscape specialist...they should be able to help.

It may be a combination of the plant being root bound, chemical fertilizer %26amp; sun.
Reply:Maybe too much sun, but most likely too much fertilizer.

Plants require WAY less than what the fertilizer companies would have you believe, and most of the time, none at all.

If you just have to use it, do so at about 1/3 of the manufacturer's recommendation.
Reply:or is it the window,by the way is the same as a magnifier.

easy fix,create some shade with a taller plant by it.
Reply:i think that it must be drying out. i think water more because of the fertilizer and the sun combination. probably just a little more than you do now, so you dont drown it. oh, and make sure there is no open flame by it, so it doesn't actually get burnt! lol ^^...
Reply:If the rose was doing fine before you fertilized, its possible you over did it, which will burn the plant. Water your plant really well, since it is spring, put it outside and flood the plant to help rinse away the excess fertilizer. You may find an 800 number on the fertilizer to call they may have suggestions on what to do or they may have a neutralizer. Good luck!

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