Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can you find real rose petals for cheap?

I'm getting married later this year and I need lots of real rose petals. I am on a budget and I thought using rose petals would be cheaper than big formal arrangements, but so far everything I've found has been really expensive. I have to use the real petals because of the outdoor facility, so fake ones are out. If anyone knows what would be the best way to get a lot of real rose petals for cheap please let me know.

Can you find real rose petals for cheap?
Check with some of your local florists. If I were you, I would try some of the smaller shops first. When florists are processing roses, or making arrangements they are usually removing petals from roses to make them look better. Also, if roses "blow" in the cooler before they can be used, those roses would be discarded. Ask the florist if she can save those petals for you. You should start asking now, but not have her save any until a month or so before the wedding. I often saved petals for brides in a large plastic garbage bag in the bottom of my cooler; They "keep" a really long time. The only problem with this will be that the petals will be assorted colors; you can't very well ask a florist to separate colors for you. You might offer her a small fee for her trouble.
Reply:Consider going to a garden center that has a big selection of roses, and ask if they'd let you snip some blooms that are starting to droop or fade (and don't take the new blooms!). At a large enough garden center, you might get as many as 100 roses' worth of petals. Just be sure to buy something while you're there, to say "thanks."

If there are any public rose gardens around, you could ask the gardeners there to save any spent blooms for you, and then make a donation to the garden.

You could also ask neighbors who have roses, and bake up cookies as thanks.
Reply:Try whole sale florist street in your town if in a large city for roses also might want to change flowers, candles are a nice alternative
Reply:hmm maybe you should ask florists if they have any leftovers...and ask if you can pay them a nominial fee for them.
Reply:yes buy seed and grown them

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