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Will my mini rose plant grow back next summer?

I bought this little mini rose plant at wal-mart this spring and it has grown really big and makes lots of blooms, but what do I do with it for fall and winter? will it grow back next year or do I bring it in the house?? Its in a big pot outside.

Will my mini rose plant grow back next summer?
go plant it.... it will be much happier there than in a pot and if you ever have to move it, it will move just fine...keep the soil moist around it until the leaves fall off for winter and deep-water about once a week if you don't have much rain over winter........ I have a miniature that's pink that has been with me about 17 years, has gone thru four moves just fine and is still providing me with perfect little pink roses... the bush itself will make it to three ft tall and almost as wide if I let it.... you're in a good spot.... plant it and mulch the base against drying out .... trim it back in early spring and feed it with time release bloom food and it will SHINE for you!.....
Reply:I won't survive in the pot because the roots will freeze. It also doens't want to come indoors, it's too warm. Plants need the winter cold.

Could you sink the plant, pot and all into the ground where the roots are well protected from the cold? Another option would be to put the plant and pot into a much larger pot with's the mass that helps keep the roots from freezing?

After cold weather sets in, cover the little rose with a light mulch, like hay, straw, dry grass clippings to reduce drought and protect it from the winds. You could even go as far as rose cones if you live in a real cold weather area.

Remember it will need water thru with winter if nature doesn't provide it, so the pot must drain well.....even if sunk into soil for protection.

Mini roses get their name from their mini flowers and leaves and not necessarily from the growth habit. There are tall growing mini roses, even climbers. Without knowing the name of your little friend, we don't know if it will remain a mini in size or if it really wants to grow tall in the garden.
Reply:A lot depends on where you live. If you live in a harsh climate then I would protect it in some manner or bring it inside. If you live in a mild climate like I do we just leave them outside and they do just fine, coming back year after year.
Reply:Roses are perennials, and therefore should come back next year. However, they can be sensitive to winter damage. So whether yours will survive depends on where you live (how cold the winters are), and where it is planted. Protection from winter winds will increase the likelihood of its surviving.

But you mention that it is in a pot. Again, depending on the severity of your winters, and the size of the pot - you run more of a risk of the rootball freezing in an above ground pot. You should either put it in a protected location (out of winter winds), or sink the pot into the ground, or transplant it into the ground. The ground is insulating.

Or you can bring the pot inside - though with roses, it can be difficult to provide them with enough light. If you have a big south-facing window it could work well.

edited to add - just read your update. If you don't get freezing weather, it should be just fine outside.
Reply:I have many mini rose plants outdoors and I live in Madeira where in summer it get to be 105, and in winter, we have freezing weather, and my mini roses keep blooming every spring. Need to be cut back in winter, and they love lots of water in spring and summer.
Reply:If it's in a big pot I would bring in the house. just make sure that it gets plenty of sunshine. I also have a rosebush that I bought from wal-mart but I planted mine in my flower bed,and it has really gotten big. But I will leave it and cover it if the weather calls for a frost this winter.
Reply:You can leave it out side since you never freeze. I know that sometimes warmer climates can get the freak weather so if you happen to get a freeze just bring the pot inside until the freeze is over. Next spring your rose should come back and bloom beautifully for you. I live in Zone 7 and we do freeze here. My Minis are outside year round, however, I plant my in the ground and they return yearly just like that average sized roses.

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