Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How do I get my rose bush to grow back?

I am renting a house that came with a rose bush. The roses never grew in last summer but the vines did. How do I get the bush to be healthy enough to get pretty buds again?

How do I get my rose bush to grow back?
Roses bloom on this years growth so you should get blooms if you cut them back, provided its not an early flowerer. If the buds are still small you should be ok. Always cut to an outward facing bud, so when the branches grow they dont cross in the middle of the plant.

Roses don't like competing with other plants so keep the area immediately around it clear of weeds and other plants.
Reply:TLC baby...
Reply:"the vines did''.... could be it is a climbing rose that only flowers early in the spring ...just one time and then it's done.... so... don't prune it at all, just give it some bloom food fertilizer.... granulated time release is good.... wait and see when it blooms.... I'm going to assume it's in the sun.... roses don't do well in shade...... if the 'vines' are in the way, try tying them together loosely in a bunch or put 'em on a trellis.....once it has bloomed, take pictures!!.... then get some help identifying it from a nursery in your area .... or here, if you can post the pic on photobucker or flikr or somewhere.....
Reply:You may not get blooms this year since it wasnt pruned during the winter(I assume) try pruning the dead vines the prune 18" from the main trunk.
Reply:I never water my roses and I definitely don't fertilise them. I always plant other plants underneath them - sage or spring onions or chives or something.

The one thing that seems to make them keep blooming and blooming is pruning. Don't be afraid, you won't damage them.

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