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What is the best way to dry/preserve a rose/roses?

My sweetheart gave be a beautiful rose with what i guess you could call green garnishes arround it to make a little one rose bouquet. What is the best way to preserve it?

What is the best way to dry/preserve a rose/roses?
Dry it by hanging it up side down for a few days. I should last for a pretty long time after it's dried .
Reply:You may have good luck with a 50/50 mixture of corn meal and Borax. Just put a layer of the dry mixture in the bottom of a plastic container, stand the rose flower in it, and then gently pour more of the mixture in between the petals, tapping the container gently to pack it down as you go.

Leave it there a couple weeks, and gently remove the cornmeal/Borax mixture with a small paint brush.

There is also a crystalline flower drying powder you may find at one of the large crafts chains.
Reply:Flower pressing?

For the best drying result you should:

Get a drying box or container that has an airtight fitted lid.

Spread a layer of silica crystals/gel ( an inexpensive white powder, available from craft stores) on the bottom.

Lay your roses on top of the silica. Remember to strip off the leaves, they don't dry well anyway, and don't let plant parts touch each other.

Shake more gel over the roses to cover them completely. Seal the lid, and put the container in a cool, dark place.

Check the results every few days. Depending what and how much you are drying, the process may take up to two weeks.

When it's time to remove the roses, handle with care and gently shake and blow off the silica gel.

A small paintbrush can whisk off any excess powder.

Just another rose drying tip: Not all roses dry equally well. For the best results, try bright pink roses, they tend to hold their colors best.

Good luck with your rose drying!

Reply:hang it upside down spray some of your hairspray on it lightly go over the stem ler it dry you need to keep it hung upside down for at least 2 weeks after that you can put it in a vase forever
Reply:By hanging up side down in shad and cool area.

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