Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What does seeing a beautiful red rose floating through my room mean?

Upon awakeing during the night, not a dream, I see this beautiful red rose floating across my room and disappearing.

This happens quite often during the year.

I look away to make sure it is not in my head and I don't see it I then look back and there it is floating out of the room.

What does seeing a beautiful red rose floating through my room mean?
Maybe some kind of paranormal activity? Have you ever tried following it?
Reply:It means your psychiatrist better increase your dose of Haldol before the rose starts speaking to you.
Reply:It means you spent your money wisely on the psychedelic drugs you bought!
Reply:I believe that this is R.E.M sleep, so it may seem quite vivid, but you are in fact dreaming. A rose usually signifies passion and fertility, or the arrival of a joyous occasion.
Reply:Ahh... This is the meaning that you will have a love or already do and it will one day hurt you deep inside very bad... Are you muslim beause i have a book about these things and it says the Muslim religion quite often see these kinds of things, anyway you can maybe go online and buy a copy, but yea hope i helped
Reply:Nothing, but good things, will come your way. It has to mean something beautiful about you and your life. Postive.
Reply:Who has passed away that liked red roses?

explains this type of phenomenon
Reply:Have you watched American Beauty recently or have you been taking LSD?
Reply:Your in love!
Reply:It means you've been doing to many of those recreational intoxicants. Just kidding! If you really are seeing this, you might consider seeing a brain specialist. Obviously, what you're seeing is not real (roses don't float in mid-air, no matter what your religion might be) but your mental image of them is. I wouldn't reccommend a psychologist or psychiatist; they're too much into symbolism and asking you "What do YOU think it is?". Good luck..
Reply:Drugs are bad.
Reply:Not making fun, but are you sure you are indeed "awake". Sometimes we can think we are completely awake and actually be in NREM sleep, which would provide such an "illusion".

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