Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is the best way to take care of rose bushes?

I recently planted several rose bushes. They are budding and starting to bloom, but the rose does not fully unfold. Instead it wrinkles and wilts. What should I do to get big beautiful blooms?

What is the best way to take care of rose bushes?
sounds \like you have trips a small bug that gets in the bud and eats it spray the plant down early in the morning with garlic or a product that contains garlic
Reply:Once the bloom dies, clip it with some shears. Always do this with your rose bushes and the bush will tend to bloom more and more each time. Also if you live where it gets hot (like AZ or NM) do not plant anymore rose bushes until fall or early spring. It is too hot for the bushes to be planted. They will either die or not produce blooms. Also you can use a bloom booster like miracle grow (follow the instructions on package). Feeding your bushes bone meal (every 6 months or so) helps creating a healthy bush. Rose food is good too. Do not over water your bushes. Give your bushes at least a slow watering once a week (water them at a low water speed) so that the water will go deep into the ground allowing the roots to grow deep also. Then another time during the week you can give a quicker watering. (so watering at least 2 times a week) especially in summer months.

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