Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How far should you cut your rose bushes down in the winter to prepare for the spring?

I have a row of rose bushes that are along my fence, and they are really high so i know i need to cut them down for spring.

How far should you cut your rose bushes down in the winter to prepare for the spring?
It really depends on what kind of rose it is. I would cut back no more than 2/3 of rose. Hope this helps.
Reply:Don't cut rose bushes down in winter wait till spring. Cutting them back encourages them to shoot now and they will frost. If you 'butcher' and they are not a robust variety some will die. I would cut them down by half. They don't need to be cut down in summer for the heat. Only to encourage more flowers. I live in Australia and not heard of here and it does get to 105 deg F where I live!
Reply:Each fall I trim my rose bushes back and mulch around them for the winter. I usually cut them down to the last "fork" in the stem. In the spring I prune more off if needed and when warm enough I move the mulch back from around them to keep them from getting too hot.
Reply:never cut more than 2/3 of the original plant at any one time
Reply:cut them to about a foot off the ground and then make sure they are covered with a styrofoam cap or with leaves out of the yard take all that off after the last freeze
Reply:Always cut them in the late fall not the winter but if you have forgotten to cut them I would wait til spring.

Cut them to about 12 to 15 inches above the ground and trim them in the summer as needed to produce more growth and for shaping.

Good luck!
Reply:I work for a large Landscape firm in Indiana.We cut roses back to "knee-high" Roughly 16-18 " tall.They come back strong every year. Add a good pile of hardwood mulch around the base to protect in spring.This will prevent the plant budding too early%26amp;falling victim to late frost.
Reply:Well, I neglect to trim my roses and my boxwood hedges regularly, so when I do it (get someone to do it), I cut them back "to within an inch of their life".

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