Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Any one help with the selection of rose bushes?

I am looking for a type of rose bush that stays compact and yet is showy. The ideal would be a bush that doesn't grow over 3 ft tall. I have several now that have grown very tall and my landscape looks out of whack with some tall and some short next to them. Help please!

Any one help with the selection of rose bushes?
There are just going to be alot of answers here... you're sort of asking for a list of 'favorites'. I'd take the over all lists, and then do a little research from there. I would really recommend a rose that is grown on its own root-stock, not grafted. They generally are hardier.

I myself recommend an old polyantha rose called 'The Fairy', it's pink and will be covered with small flowers. There's a similar one, but harder to find called 'China Doll', also very good. Lastly, there's a miniature rose called 'Popcorn' that's very nice. Mine usually gets to 24-30", and I'm in horrible USDA hardiness zone 5.

Take a look at the web-site I have listed below. This company grows roses in my zone (so they'll be quite cold hardy), they specialize in old-fashioned/ antique varieties that are also very disease resistant.

I hope that this helps
Reply:not sure where you live...

but check out Week's Roses online and look at their selection.
Reply:A Lovely Rose which stays compact and disease free is 'Regansberg'. Its a minature Floribunda (type of Rose Bush). It flowers in May and is really quite stunning. The colour is Pink with White Centres. I have 2 in my garden and they are lovely and light up my garden in the spring!
Reply:I've had good luck with Jackson %26amp; Perkins....you can request a catalogue on-line...very large selection
Reply:Every rose has a thorn.
Reply:try Florabundi type plants rather than standard or tea roses, they stay small and flower a lot more.
Reply:If you want a landscape rose (not a cutting rose) the Flower Carpet Series is disease resistant, and stays small as the name suggests. It is available in many different colors.

In general, if you buy roses growing on their own-root (not grafted onto wild rose rootstock) they will always be better-behaved and not so overly vigorous. That goes for all rose varieties.
Reply:When you buy make sure it says dwarf rose It should also tell you how much or how tall it will get on the package.Hope you've got some yellow ones in there, they are my favorite.
Reply:Try "knockout" roses. They are more like a compact shrub than a wirey rose bush. It grows between 30 and 36" and about 30" wide. And are very showy if taken care of properly. Also look great planted in masses.
Reply:Rugosa species are the best-they are disease and bug resistant,stay under 4-5ft,very nice blooms and the best smelling and very aromatic rose on the market today.

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