Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is the cheapest way to take the family from OK to Pasadena to the Rose Parade 4 adults and 4 kids?

Would like to spend about 4 days in and around Pasadena CA rose parade coming from Oklahoma City. Have large family (8 people). What is the cheapest way to go? Fly, drive, motorhome? How do we find the cheapest motels and food and possibly airfare for 8 people. Is it possible to camp out just before the parade? Would like to hear from someone who's been, there done that. Is is possible to get good motel reservations now? If so, what motel(s) would you recommend. Maybe a motel with kitchen? What else is there to see and do in Pasadena the end of December and 1st of January? Maybe fly near Pasadena and rent a van or depend on public transportation?

What is the cheapest way to take the family from OK to Pasadena to the Rose Parade 4 adults and 4 kids?
You probably need $2000 to cover all the cost. Fly, drive, motor home almost same price, the last 2 take more time and pay for rental car or RV and hotel but you can see more such as grand canyon.

Pasadena: Old pasadena, Hungtinton library and garden, Simon museum and Gamble house.
Reply:How about a train ride? Yes, they have allowed overnight camping at the parade site. As far as motels, the sooner you call ahead, the better chance a getting rooms. There is always TONS of people out here for the parade.

Here is the Rose Parade website..


Here are a few San Fernando Valley websites (I don't know if you're aware, but Pasadena is in the San Fernando Valley)




I really hope you guys have a fun and safe trip, I'll say a prayer for you!

Reason why is because gas is hell-expensive and ITS GOING TO BE A SERIOUS BORE IF YOU RIDE THE I-10 FROM OK TO CA! Its bad enough going from AZ to CA (trust me, i know...)

I would do my ticket shopping now :D

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