Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How do you get rid of "beetles" from rose bushes?

I recently noticed what looks like a multi colored beetle feeding on the leaves of my rose bush. How or what can I do to get rid of them?

How do you get rid of "beetles" from rose bushes?
I found this spray at Lowes made especially for roses and it keeps all harmful pest away and promotes healthly growth. There are a couple different types, just read them or ask a sales rep. They are near the fertilizers or the outside pesticides. I love it and my roses are beautiful. Hope this helps.
Reply:Use a systemic insecticide granules that you can either sprinkle around the rose bush or I prefer drilling 3 or 4 holes around the bush, insert the recommended amount of product into the holes. The pesticide will absorbed through the roots and into the leaves. This is a great long term solution. You could use Seven Dust first to kill them right now. The granules I speak of are usually coupled with a fertilizer and sold as "Systemic rose care" product. Just ask your local hardware or garden center about it. They will know about it.

Good Luck!
Reply:sprinkle your rose bushes with a light coating of seven dust found in any garden center..
Reply:I have found Seven to work best for my roses and all other plant when it comes to getting rid of beetles. I also kill them whenever I see them.
Reply:You could try to get a predator beetle like ladybugs...Or try spraying the roses with soapy water. Otherwise...try to look for something that won't be harmful to the environment, please.
Reply:You can pick them off and then spray the plants. I use spectracide bug stop. They sound like japanese beetles. YOu can spray with the bugs on the plants but I still recommend picking them off(where gloves if you sprayed insecticide) to prevent further damage.
Reply:Spraying or dusting most likely will not kill the beetles. They have a hard shell that protects them. I have not found anything that works really well other than to pick them off. You have to be vigilant and do this several times a day. I use Ortho Systemic Rose Care but it doesn't seem to keep the beetles away.

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