Saturday, November 14, 2009

How can I save my rose petals?

i probably have over 40 English rose plants on my backyard that has been producing tons of flowers for several months now. it seems to be such a waste to just throw away the spent blooms.

does anyone have any ideas on constructive things i can do w/ the petals? maybe make perfume? how do i get started doing that?

i don't want to use any toxic chemicals. thank you.

How can I save my rose petals?
You can make rose tea. Or tincture - place dried rose petals in a glass jar and cover with twice its volume of a clear grain alcohol (vodka is the standard) leave for two weeks, strain through a filter, bottle in amber dropper bottles, date and label.
Reply:Other than drying the flowers by hanging them upside-down for a while and then making dried floral arrangements or crafts from them, you can contact a local florist and explain your situation to them. Some florals use dried flowers for arrangements and would be willing to buy them from you. That way you could make a lil on the side cash from your beautiful flower garden.
Reply:I like to keep them in glass/crystal jars, bowls etc. Just as decorations, they dry nicely.
Reply:While the roses are still buds, cut the stem to about 8or 10 inches. Tie several together and hang upside down in your kitchen til they are dry. Makes a start for dry flower arrangement. Don't hang in the window.
Reply:I'd only bother with the highly scented cultivars, as the scent evaporates with time.

You can make rosewater, effleurage, or distill your own oil (warning, all of these things take tremendous amounts of petals,

preferably NOT taken from spent flowers), or you can make rose beads from the petals. Or there's always potpourri

Some of the SCA web sites have very nice instructions on making rosewater, etc, and I know there are sites that talk about making beads from petals, which was also a medieval craft that had quite a resurgence in Victorian times.
Reply:If you have a gf/bf, i suggest you do something romantic like invate he/she to your house with a tral of rose petals from the door to your bed. Cover your bed in rose petals also, and you know what to do from there.

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