Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can anyone help me identify a rose?

I'll try and keep this short...I recently received my preserved wedding bouquet and I am thinking that these are not my roses that I sent to them. My bouquet didn't have very many greens in it. This bouquet has leaves around the edge of the bouquet that look like grocery store rose leaves? (and a few within the bouquet)

I hate to think that I have been bamboozeled, but if anyone can point out a website that can help me identify roses, it would be a great start! Thanks!

Can anyone help me identify a rose?
Try this site:

Sometimes when bouquets are preserved the color of the roses (or other flowers) changes. Sometimes the outer petals of the flowers become discolored and the preserver chooses to remove them, which makes the bouquet a little smaller, so they might fill in with more/new greenery.

Hope this helps.
Reply:Since the one you have now is preserved, you could go to a flower shop and look for the rose (you described it very well so you must remember what the particular rose in question looks like)...and ask them the name of the rose. If they don't know (then these employees should be fired), then maybe you could take pics of the rose from there and post pics with your question next time.

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