Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What can i plant that will look descent with a rose bush and 2 holly bushes?

i have a basic flower bed in front of the house with an out of control rose bush and two holly bushes on either side. the rose bush grows like a weed and i know nothing about roses. it blooms orange roses which are beautiful, but the bush itself is an eyesore. any tips? there's room to plant other things i just don't know what will work or even look good. also, do i need to put down mulch? the garden faces east and we have bad humidity during the summer months.

What can i plant that will look descent with a rose bush and 2 holly bushes?
Also, I would suggest pruning that rose and fertilizing everything. If you have old milk, instead of throwing it down the drain, pour it around on the ground under the plants. Dwarf fire nadinas would be a great shrub. They need no work, look great year round, and don't get big.
Reply:I would suggest a dwarf burning bush.
Reply:It sounds like tha rose is out of control. Unless it is a rambling rose it needs to be drastically pruned and I mean back to just two or three short stems before spring. this will keep it back and do this every fall so it won't get this way again. You can put up a trellis and keep it pruned back to that and it will look cared for. Sounds pretty. Also yse mulch just because it keeps weeds down and makes it look cared for and gives nourishment to the plantings. The holly and rose both like acid so a good pine bark mulch is best, some of the colored cypress mulch is bad for your plants. Use a good fertilizer, I like osmocote, it's in pellets and is time released. Then add some rose food to the rose as it is reccomended. I would maybe just plant a few annuals during the spring for color all summer and that's it. If it's shacy under the holly plant impatients, and fertilize them the same , with the osmocote. They will keep blooming all summer and look beautiful as long ad it's not full sun. You can also put some coleus in with them and either pinch the inside leaves back to make it bush out or just let them go. The colors are awesome and they aren't flowering but the leaves are colorful, from oranges and yellows to pinks and greens. They like shade to partial sun too. If it's all sun try some mums, they won't bloom all summer just the fall. Try some zinnias for full sun and color all summer too. You can also put bulbs in for interest all duting th season. Daffodils and tul;ips and irises are nice. Juse depends on what you like. Personally I'd go woth impatients in spring and replant every year. Find the color you like best or mix them up. Good luck. Have fun.
Reply:Azaleya bushes. They are hardy and don't need much work and they complement each other really nice.

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