Saturday, November 14, 2009

What does seeing a beautiful red rose floating through my room mean?

Upon awakeing during the night, not a dream, I see this beautiful red rose floating across my room and disappearing.

This happens quite often during the year.

I look away to make sure it is not in my head and I don't see it I then look back and there it is floating out of the room.

What does seeing a beautiful red rose floating through my room mean? sounds sounds happy, strong feminine note...yet you say that you aren't asleep when you see this? It could be an hallucination, as you are just waking up, but the way you describe it sounds more like a ghost making itself known. Perhaps you should try looking up the history of the house, and anything you might find out about previous occupants. I don't have alot of personal experience with ghosts, myself, but not all stories that I have heard about them have been spooky, sometimes they make thier presence known in pleasant, if puzzling ways....perhaps you should also think over members of your family who have passed on, and see if you can think of someone who loved roses, or who was named Rose, or wore rose perfume, and it could possibly be a family member who passed over who wants you to know they are watching over could try writing down the dates when you see the roses, and see if they coincide with family holidays, or with something good happening in the family such as a special occasion or some such (or also if this manifestation coincides with times you are troubled, or ill or something)...I don't know what your religious afiliation is, but the rose is associated with several Goddess figures, and also the Christian Virgin Mary, it could be a message of a more spiritual nature as well...this is very intriguing, and I hope you find an answer...

Edit: Based on the additional details you sent in email, it sounds like a symbol of your mom's love for you as she prays to the Virgin Mary. This was apparently a lifelong habit of hers to pray on your behalf, that seems to have continued now that she has passed over....a very lovely way for your mom, or the virgin to let you know she is there...
Reply:it means you are happy ~~~

be sweet
Reply:It might mean that you have a strong feminine presence in your life with which you are happy, like a mother or girlfirend. It might also mean that you are happy that your mind has developed in ways you once thought might compromise you - for example you once thoguht that 'feminine' things might make you weak but now you find they have made you strong and a better person. emotionally, artistically, in terms of appreciation of arty things. it is agood dream

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