Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My rose tree died and is now growing new shoots, will it bloom again?

our last hard frost killed all the spring buds on it and all the branches died(i live in northern utah). one of the new shoots, both of which are growing from the knuckle at the base, is as tall as the stalk that died(about 2 1/2 feet tall). will these get buds on them and bloom or is it a lost cause? if they will bloom, can i get it to branch out like the original rose tree and how do i do this?

My rose tree died and is now growing new shoots, will it bloom again?
possibly. my moms did.
Reply:let it grow it will bloom
Reply:Hopefully it will. Thats the beauty about trees and plants
Reply:My roses looked dead but when they start to grow again they tend to come back again fully later. My have been pretty hardy. Just cover them with something like an overturned bucket when the weather gets real cold.
Reply:It didn't die. That's just how roses work. We don't usually cut them down to the base, but you can do just that every year and it will grow back again, branch again and bloom again.

Depending on the variety, shoots growing from the base should be stronger than secondary branches. And give bigger flowers!
Reply:Well, maybe. It depends if it's the rootstock or the original hybrid you had. They put the tender cuttings on the rootstock to grow them faster. The rootstock plant will grow super fast, but not bloom very much or nicely.

Once it reaches your desired hight, clip the center bud. It will send out some branches. When those product two leaves, pinch them, etc. Each time they will usually produce at least 2 branches so it will fill out quickly.

Since you said the growth is from or above the 'knuckle' which is the graft point you might have the same flower. Or like the flower that it has, you will not really know until it does flower.

Remember to remove any unwanted branches that grow in the wrong place.

Anyway, have fun and look forward to your flowers!

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