Saturday, May 22, 2010

Can a rose bush be planted in a pot?

I want to get a rose bush but I wanted to plant it in a big pot, will it do ok? Please let me know! Also is now an ok time to plant one or later in the year?

Can a rose bush be planted in a pot?
This is an ideal time to plant a rose in a pot.Get a pot 455mm in diameter,if using a clay pot ensure that it's frost proof.Cover the drainage hole in the pot with broken crocks and about 25mm of gravel to ensure good drainage.

Place the rose bush in the pot,spread the roots out,trimming any that are obviously damaged.

Fill the pot with good quality compost,such as John Innes no;3 ,working it well down around the plant and firming down well.The union of the rose with the roots is visible as a swelling where the plant was grafted,this should be just covered by the compost.

Buy a patio rose,specially grown for a container,from a reputable supplier who will advise on the wide choice available and with proper pruning and feeding your rose will grow away.
Reply:Just about anything can be grown in pots,as long as they are fed and watered properly,after all bonsai trees many of which are hundrreds of years old are grown in pots.Find from books or on line a roses needs and learn some pruning methods anddo it,don'tworry have fun.Ihave a Laburnum tree that is ten years old in a pot, and i keep it pruned,it's probably about 2ft high by 3ft across and is just fab in flower in the spring.Good luck ,Frankie .
Reply:Sure, a rose bush can be planted in a pot. I have one and so (@ 2 yrs.) it has done well, though it is dormant right now.

Make sure it gets plenty of light and fertilizer.
Reply:Jackson and Perkins rose growers said that roses do well for about two years and then need to be planted in the ground or thrown away.

We grew Don Juan climbing rose for two years in a large pot and sure enough, it did not do well the third year. We had to plant it in the ground.
Reply:You can do it any time of year. I've grown roses in pots by cutting off a flower with at least 3 leaves on the stem and put it in a pot with soil and a 2 liter drink bottle with the top cut off and placed over the rose stem like a small greenhouse. Keep the soil wet and the rose will take root. this doesn't always work so don't give up. When it does work, you get great flowers!
Reply:There are so many varieties. Some are sold in pots but the nursery can guide you best as far as longevity there is concerned.

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