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Does anyone have any advice on Jackson Perkins rose bushes?

I purchased 3 Jackson Perkins 'Blaze of Glory' climbers today. I have not raised rose bushes before, but have always wanted to, so here goes! I am going to plant them in front of a redwood fence approx. 50 ft long. They should have plenty of room to climb up and down the fence. I bought some rose food for when I initially plant them. Does anyone have any other advice? Are Jackson Perkins fairly easy to raise? Thanks for you help.

Does anyone have any advice on Jackson Perkins rose bushes?
Yes, J%26amp;P roses are fine. Are these bare root roses or potted? If bare root, soak them in water for several hours.

Forget the fertilizer at planting. The main thing is to create a happy soil home for these guys. So dig a nice big and wide hole for each. Digging loosens the soil allowing the new roots easy access to the soil around it. While digging, add compost or peat moss (that has been previously moistened..good luck with that) The ratio can be 50:50 soil and compost but doesn't have to be quite that high. If you need to add a chemical, add superphosphate, otherwise compost is fine.

Now if bare root you need to create a soil cone in the middle of the hole so when you set the plant in, you can spread the roots out. If you are planting from a container.......ah, good luck again. These container plants don't have the greatest root system holding the soil ball first measure how deep the root ball is and make your hold that same'll be throwing soil back in, that's fine. Then remove from container and set on the soil and start back filling.

With either barefoot or container, stop half way and water well. DON'T dance all over the soil trying to get out air pockets, that's the water's job. Keep your feet away. Then finish backfilling and water again.

Now with climbers, they flower better if you train them a bit more horizontal than vertical, but sounds like that's what you had in mind anyway. Blaze isn't that particular, but it's a nice habit to get into.

They should do well. Blaze is a reliable performer. Oh, the fertilizer.......wait, wait, wait.......6 weeks.....there should be enough nutrients in the soil to carry them at least that long, if not longer.
Reply:I *love* Jackson and Perkins Roses!! They are the first Roses I had, and i've loved them since!

Roses are not nearly as difficult as some people say they are. I think you will be happy with the, especially a year or two from now, when they are blooming like crazy! I have a red climber on my front porch - not J%26amp;P brand though - and this is it's 3rd year. It has so many new buds already, it will be beautiful.

Good luck, and enjoy your new Roses!! =)

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Photos of the "Blaze of Glory"..... It looks A LOT like my climber! I thought mine was labeled as "Blaze", maybe it's the same? Anyway, some photos of the Blaze of Glory Rose....

This one is jsut called "Blaze", not sure if it's the same? It's so pretty though, wow!

Oh.... and, if my Roses (which were just some cheapy brand, $8 potted Rose I picked up on a whim, which wasn't doing well at ALL when I got it!!) are doing so well, imagine how well your J%26amp;P Rose will do!! =)

Here is a photo of a bloom from my climber, taken last Summer:

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Reply:go online and check their site out

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