Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to bring back a dead rose bush?

We just went through a drought and we were hardly home during this month and now my rose bushes look dead they are just sticks. Are they dead or can the they be save? Please help.

How to bring back a dead rose bush?
There is hope, don't give up yet.

Your roses may have dropped their leaves because of the drought, but roses are exceptionally drought tolerant and will usually pull through. Prune your bushes and start looking for green inside the canes. If you find "green then there is hope". That is actually one of my mantras. I actually take pleasure in purchasing dying plants just so I can have the pleasure of helping them come back. If you don't find green then your roses are very sick, but even then I would not give up. The roots may still be alive and could come back with regular watering. I wouldn't recommend you dig them up to inspect the roots because that could push them over the edge. Just continue to water and see if they reemerge next spring.

I wish you all the best of luck with you roses.
Reply:Cut it completely back from about 4 inches from the ground..fertilize and hopefor the best..
Reply:If they are dead then they wont come back. Death is permanant. You can try to add rose food and water and see what happens.
Reply:break off a small piece of a branch nearest the ground. if it has green inside it, it's not dead. if it is dried out and brown, it is dead. if it is dead, there's nothing you can do to revive it. if it is barely alive, water and feed it and hope for the best. if it doesn't go into shock and die anyway, you may stand a chance of saving it.

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  1. How do you save a rose bush that was planted in the ground still in the pot? I dug it out, cut off the pot, the root system looks good and there were green shoots. I cut all dead branches off. Can I save , or am I wasting my time?