Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do I preserve a rose that is very special to me?

I was given this yellow rose from my husbands' grandmas' funeral this afternoon (actually 2 long stemmed roses) and I would really like to know how to preserve it and keep it ....hopefully forever but...the key the same shape that it is now???!!!!!! Can anyone help me keep this rose for years and years to come any suggestions???

How do I preserve a rose that is very special to me?
Have glass container that has a shape of a pyramid and hang the rose inside by having a hook on the top of the pyramid. Have the rose hanging inside just about 1/3 off the container.
Reply:umm i would press it in a book! ....did it with my prom corsage and it looks sweet!
Reply:tie some string to the bottom of it, hang it upside down in a dry place, and in a week or so it should be dried enough to take down. It will be fragile, so be careful. Good luck!
Reply:well.. if u want it to live like REALLY long, u should ask like a florist or something maybe theres a way for them to last long.. but i think u shud just let it die naturally if u want to save it u can like clip it in a book or frame it or photoalbum..
Reply:there is something u can spray on them it's like a accrilic look in an arts and crafts store its a process of drying and the spray keeps it in that shape
Reply:i would freeze it by dipping it in liquid nitrogen but thats just me
Reply:Place them in a box of silica (craft store) following directions, or you can hang upside down until air dried.

You can then coat them with preservative (craft store) and I would suggest you put them in some type of enclosed container like a glass dome - sort of like the ones you put expensive dolls under)

Also there are companies that will treat them for permanent display - check with bridal/floral stores or on the web
Reply:I have a rose from my grandfather's funeral in 1994. All I did was put it in a bible and let it stay there, it dried out it was pressed but easier to store in a keepsake box it hasn't crumbled or anything.

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