Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is a good climbing rose?

I am looking for a good climbing rose to grow over my large stucco archway. I also have this ugly stucco retaining wall in the backyard that I would love to hide with a hardy climbing rose. Any suggestions?

Also, will the roses climb up the stucco on their own, or would I need to get a trellis as well?

What is a good climbing rose?
The absolute best climbing rose is a pale pink with ivory color and it's name is 'New Dawn'. It blooms constantly almost year round. It needs no spraying at all. It's a big, hardy climber with beautiful blossoms over the whole plant.

The second recommendation, is 'Improved Don Juan' if you want a red rose. It's bushier but it is a climber.

If you want a hardy, heatlhy rose that needs no spraying you could plant 'Zephrine Dourhin (spelling?) It's deep pink and fragrant.

Another couple of antique beauties that get big enough to cover your archway are the thornless yellow, 'Lady Banks' or the tiny pink sweetheart rose, 'Cecile Brunner' (it does have thorns). Both bloom in May and September, lighter in September.

These are available at Antique Rose Emporium, call and get a catalog 210-651-4565, you'll love doing business with them. Ask questions; they know all the answers.
Reply:Climbing Cecile Brunner ,Bubble Bath,Buff Beauty, Lavender Lassie, Kathleen, and Cornelia etc....

Reply:If you are looking for a variety of color but don't want to buy a lot of different colored Rose bushes, try for the Joseph's coat, they bloom light yellow to an orange and then turn dark red... they are not a fussy rose but they do need to be trellised as they grow. I have 4 and have made archways with them...
Reply:This website may be of some help:

That's the link for the frequently asked questions. They also list climbing roses by type or by color.

Reply:i happen to think that the don juan climbing rose is the most beautifull of the climbers . and it is not that hard to grow . good luck and happy gardening .
Reply:There are several climbing roses to try with all the suggestions given....but to answer the latter will need to train them on something sturdy and tie up as they grow so you can get the best form for your problem area.

Use a sturdy trellis of wood (like a grid or lattice)

and tie up that as it grows, otherwise, it'll just look like a fountain with canes growing up and then down.

I opted for a miniature climbing rose as I've had the fancy roses just get obnoxious and take up a 10' x 10' area without staking.

The wall idea sounds beautiful!

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