Monday, May 17, 2010

How to take care of my rose plant which is indoor?

I got this Rose plant in a small pot as a gift on my birthday I loved it .its only 3 days the flowers and the buds appear weak and droopy.I have placed it in the window where it can get sufficient sunlight and i have been watering it daily.We stay in 3rd floor we dont have a balcony either to transfer it to a larger pot.plz some one help me to keep this plant alive and healthy.plz

How to take care of my rose plant which is indoor?
Roses aren't really all that suited for indoor growing environments.

It seems, from your description, that you are watering too much.

If you really, really want to try it indoors, first thing is to transplant it into a clay pot. A good old fashioned terra cotta clay pot. The clay will allow water to escape through the pot, and not just water log the soil as plastic pots do.

Water the plant, then allow it to drain completely. Allow the soil to dry out somewhat before watering again. Check it every other day, but probably doesn't need water more than twice or three times per week, less while the air conditioning is on. Keep it in as bright a window as you can.

Fertilize it in the spring and summer, don't fertilize in the fall or winter. In the winter, move it to a darker window, and a cooler room if you can. Daytime temps should be 20 degrees or so warmer than night time temps in the winter. That is important.

It really is going to be difficult, don't be disappointed if you can't get it to work out.

Good luck-
Reply:I have the same problem when I try to grow them inside. My husband bought me two little miniature roses not long ago. I told him I could never grow them inside. Since we live in southern California, after the roses drooped, I decided to plant them outside. Now they are full of blooms and as healthy as they can be. Even when I lived in Europe I couldn't keep them healthy inside, so I planted them outside and they came back in the spring. I do know that watering them inside to much is not good, the soil can't dry out as it should.

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