Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do you transplate rose bushes?

also how do you grow more rose bushes from the ones you already have thinks in advance!

How do you transplate rose bushes?
Transplant in the spring, you can take a stem with several nodes and try to root it.

If you want to transplant now, make sure you have the whole ball root.
Reply:It is best to transplant roses in winter when they are dorment. (if it is not able to be moved in winter, then spray the leaves with an anti-stress coating first). Prepare the hole where the rose is to be put. Do not add any fertilzer to the hole. Prune the rose back hard, then dig with a spade around the roots, and gently pry the roots loose from the soil. Any dead or weak looking roots can be pruned away now. Put the rose in the new hole, water in well, and make sure that there are no pockets of air where no soil is, so water some more. Add some liquid seaweed concentrate to your watering can for an added boost when watering the rose in. Do not fertilize your rose until it is showing lots of new growth a few months later.

To take cuttings from your rose, cut a bit off a stem about 6-8 inches long. Dip in a hormone rooting powder or gel, then put in a pot with seed raising mix in it. Water sparingly. Take lots of cuttings, as roses can be funny and you may only get a couple out of every ten cuttings you take. If a rose comes up that is nothing like the rose you took it off, then you have successfully taken a cutting of rose root stock, which will grow like crazy but produce small blooms. That is when you can use it to graft a 'good' rose onto.
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