Saturday, May 22, 2010

Will too much tea leaves kill the rose plants?

it is very hard for us to buy rose plants here, i do not want to use them as experiment, please help.

i have expired un-used tea leaves,

1] can i use it straight to the rose bushes or i have to make it exactly like the used tea leaves?

2] how much is the maximum quantity we can use on each rose? will too much tea leaves kill the plant?

3] is there any limit of the amount of egg shell we can use on rose plants?

4] can i mix tea leaves, egg shell and rose food together for the plants?

Will too much tea leaves kill the rose plants?
1] I would NOT use straight tea leaves on my rose bush. Useing used tea leaves twice a year would be acceptable.

2] Too much WILL kill the rose. It is too acidic for the rose.

3] Useing eggshells around rose bushes is acceptable. It will keep the bugs away and will supply a small amount of nutrients to the plant. Do not use more than three shells, twice a year. If they do not compost well, cut back the amount of shells you use.

4] You can mix tea leaves,egg shells and rose food together. However, as mentioned in the above answers, do not over fertilize. Depending on the type of fertilizer you use it is usually recommended that rose bushes be fertilized 1 in the spring, 1 in mid summer. Mulch over winter.

5] Good Luck
Reply:Because these are organic, no, we use to dump our coffee grounds on ours.

Edit- yes

Fake Edit - Maybe
Reply:I don't know

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