Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do I root cuttings from a Rose of Sharon bush?

I have several very large White Rose of Sharon bushes here in Georgia, USA and want to make a 600 foot long property division fence using cuttings from the bushes. What time of year do I do that and how do I do it?

How do I root cuttings from a Rose of Sharon bush?
I use root tone and always try to root plants in 3 gallon pots w/ cheap soil as long as you are not rooting plants in a green house. And put them in part shade (morning sun and afternoon shade) till they are rooted and show new growth (6-8 wees minimum). Put 6-7 cuttings per pot. I have a double pink althea and I rooted some babies this way.
Reply:To my knowledge the same way as for any shrub. Use a little rooting hormone specified for hardwood cuttings. Wait until the host plant is showing signs of grown i.e., not dormant. Place in sterilized potting soil out of direct sunlight. Water only to moisten and watch out for fungus which could cause "damping off".

This is a major amount of area to cover.

I did this with hydrangeas with excellent results. But I only wanted about 20 plants.

Good luck.

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