Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do i repot a very small minature rose?

my grandson gave me this rose he purchased from a supermarket and i want to keep it .it is small enough to sit on a window cell.

How do i repot a very small minature rose?
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Reply:Just find a pot that is a bit larger than the one it is in. Lift it gently out of the pot it is in. Tease the roots out so that they will go down in the new soil.Set it in the sink and water well.

When it is summer you could have it outside, or if you want to put it in the ground at some time you could do that in spring.
Reply:Choose a nice clay pot a size larger than the plants existing home. Place some rocks in the bottom for drainage, and a crown of soil. The potting soil should be a loose loamy organic mixture that holds together loosley when a palm squeezes a handful. Remove the rose from the store pot. Most likely its compacted, root bound, a tight wad of roots, and soil. Shake off the loose soil, and prune the roots evenly. Soak the roots in a super thrive mixture for up to an hour, or until the roots seem plump and rehydrated. If they need more pruning don't be shy. The plant will re-establish healthier in the new pot if the roots have room to stretch. Now place the roots over the soil ball in the pot, and add soil evenly around the roots, water thoroughly and make sure the soil replaces air bubbles, and the roots are covered and the pot is filled to at least one half inch from the top.

Now for the top. Prune the foliage evenly to shape the plant. Remove all uneven growth, and existed buds. I know you hate to do this but the rose needs to work on re-establishing itself to a healthy environment. Place the pot in a sunny spot. Regardless of size roses need a good six hours sunlight a day to thrive happilly. In about six wks you should see new leaves begin to form on the plant. At this time you should begin fertilizing with a water soluble organic plant food once a month.
Reply:repot it in a a pot that's just a little bit larger than the one it's in. make sure to give it a lot of sunlight as roses love the sun.
Reply:K if you follow my directions do this in your house at your kitchen sink . Go to walmart in your garden center and buy some super thrive and some miracle grow potting soil . Hopefully you already have the potty that you need to re pot if not get that to . Go home fill your kitchen sink half full of water not super cold though . And put a half of a cap full of super thrive in the water . take out the rose from it's pot very carefully do not try to untangle the roots . If there are clumps of dirt or it comes out in one big clump of dirt that is OK . Put it in the water mixture in your sink and let it soak for 10-15 minutes . Get your pot ready . If you need to moisten the new potting soil then take a cup and use the water in the sink with the rose . When your time is up replant the rose and make sure you have an inch about below the rim for water do not put potting soil clear to the top . If you want to keep your rose gorgeous . Water with a couple of drops of super thrive mixed in the water every month . You can also get jack stakes which is a fertilizer and stick one of the stakes in the plant along with the super thrive mix once a month . You will love it .

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