Monday, May 17, 2010

How can I get to the Glen rose formation of Tx?

I learned about the Glen rose formation on the internet and I want to go find fossils there but I called Dinosaur valley state park and they didn't know. So I want to know the address (like what road) and how to get there.

How can I get to the Glen rose formation of Tx?
Whoa! Wait a sec!

The dinosaur tracks are NOT in any Glen Rose formation. The tracks %26amp; the state park are located within the Paluxy fm., along the Paluxy River that passes through the town of Glen Rose.

There's really not that much there, and the park is about the size of your living room (don't plan on staying for a day or two). Very often the tracks are covered by river sediments and are difficult to see. Every now and then, park officials go through and "wash" off the tracls to make them more visible--which is cool. So, the trip is worth it IF you're really into the whole dinsoaur thing...the tracks are genuinely awe inspiring!

Just do a Yahoo! Maps search for travel directions. I suggest you pack a picnic basket befoer you go. Oh, and if you're up for some laughs, there is a "Creationism Science" museum of sorts, on the road out to the park! (Or at least there was the last time I went ot Glen Rose).

Have fun!
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Reply:You can see the dinosaur tracks, but are not allowed to find your own fossils. It's a pretty park, but the river is really high, so the tracks might not be visible. You just go down Hwy 67 south from Dallas. The state park is Dinosaur Valley State Park.
Reply:Look up the Creation Evidences Museum. They have a map. The state park is just past this museum. You can find marine fossils anywhere in this area in roadcuts. I found an ammonite and several articulated clams, when the shells are together it indicates they were buried alive. Articulated shells are found worldwide, some are found around dinosaur bones. This marine strata is massive sandstone on top of several flat layers of limestone containing hundreds dinosaur trackways. Also, see the MtBlanco Museum in Crosbyton, Texas.
Reply:Just some advice: go after a few months of drought. Which has so not been happening this year.

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