Monday, May 17, 2010

How do i dye a rose a different color?

i want to dye a white rose blue.

How do i dye a rose a different color?
Florists introduce the dye up into the flower through the open bottom of the stem...the flower's natural water-absorbing traits will bring the dye up automatically. As long as the stem is freshly cut and still open at the bottom, this should work. Just let the flowers sit in a solution of dye and water...the exact ratios are dependant upon the kind of dye used and will be detailed in any instructions accompanying the product.

Luckily, white flowers are far easier to dye than others. There are plenty of commercially-available dyes and any florist or floral shop (even a garden shop) should either supply them or be able to acquire them. Depending on what you want the flowers for, ordinary food coloring can work as well, so can inks or just about any dye made for fabric.

Flowers can also be sprayed with dye/paint, or brushed.

Good luck.
Reply:any food colour works it doesnt have to be blue
Reply:Painting the roses red

We're painting the roses red

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Or waste a drop

So let the paint be spread

We're painting the roses red

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In fact, they'll soon be dead

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Huh? Oh! Well, the fact is, Miss

We planted the white roses by mistake



The Queen she likes 'em red

If she saw white instead

She'd raise a fuss

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Would quickly lose his head


Since this is the part we dread

We're painting the roses red

[Alice:Oh, Dear! Then let me help you]

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Reply:I used to have fun doing this.. particularly with WHITE roses..We had 4-6 different food colors and I would use a different color for the roses and would end up with green, red, blue, etc colors. People wondered HOW is that possible to grow GREEN roses or BLACK (shoe polish, liquid) roses..... It can work with other colored roses.. that is, one could take a red rose and put it in blue food(cake) coloring but the affect is not as profound as using a white rose with the various food colorings(cake colorings).
Reply:put in blue dye
Reply:crush the stem end and place it in water colored with food coloring.
Reply:try putting blue food coloring in the water..i know it works on carnations
Reply:put it in blue dye
Reply:well i just spray paint my sounds like it would look bad...but it doesnt.

do make it look shiney after spraying it the color u can spray it with clear spray paint a day later.
Reply:Let it stand in Blue food coloring for a couple of days. That shoulod do the trick.
Reply:Put blue food coloring in warm water and fresh cut the rose stem a little then when you leave the rose in the water for a while it will suck up the colored water. just make sure you use alot of food coloring.
Reply:cut the stem off at an angle, but leave 7 or so inches, and put in food die. if you slice the stem into three pieces but they are all still attached to the plant, and put each one in a different colour of die theen you get a multi coloured rose.

hope that helps
Reply:Not sure,but maybe food colouring in the water???

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