Monday, May 17, 2010

Why are the Rose Buds on my Plant falling off?

My Rose Plant has produced so many tiny Rose Buds but unfortunately some of them are falling off. Is it because of this recent wet weather? There's enough drainage holes on the bottom of the pot and the Soil is not Water-logged. Some Buds have just started to Bloom. I have even added Rose Fertiliser to the Roots. I wonder if you have any suggestions. Thank You.

Why are the Rose Buds on my Plant falling off?
Water will do more harm than good.

Don't water it too much because you can give it a root-rot infection. Put it out in the sun, let the soil dry a little more, then water it once a week or so.
Reply:My roses ( which are planted out in flower beds) have shed lots of little buds too - I have assumed it is due to all the cool wet and windy weather we have been having.
Reply:Its probably just the weather all this rain and more rain.
Reply:examine it carefully for aphids(very tiny sucking insects) or spider mites( very very tiny, usually red spiders that also suck the life out of a houseplant). Both are so small as not to be noticed until the plant shows symptoms. If found, try washing the entire plant in lukewarm, mildly soapy water, or consult garden center for treatment.

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