Monday, May 17, 2010

Would chocolate brown, rose, soft yellow and cream be great bathroom colors?

I saw a stack of sweaters in the Garnet Hill catalog and it looked great together. We are moving into an apartment and so my colors are going to be limited to accessories. Or do you think Chocolate brown, rose and cream would be better together? What decorative touches do you suggest?

Would chocolate brown, rose, soft yellow and cream be great bathroom colors?
Well chocolate brown and rose would be good.

cream and yellow together would also be a good combination. By putting all these colors together you would be overdecorating and not only that

the colors would not stand out instead they would look dull.

Try only using two colors which creates balance between the two shades. In my personal opinion chocolate brown and rose would look good together if you use a soft pastel rose.

There are many othercolors and combinations so let your imagination run wild!!!!
Reply:I think it would look fine together
Reply:I think the four colors would be great together as long as the yellow is extremely soft and used in moderation. GL in the new place.
Reply:Yes, I think that would look Great! The yellow and the Chocolate brown should be limited, especially for the brown if it is a smaller space!
Reply:It would look good.. but I would be concerned that the bathroom may be too small?? If it is in an apartment.. maybe go for lighter colours?
Reply:Dark brown, rose %26amp; cream would be awesome. You may have to see what color your bathroom wall is first. But do a mix.. Dark brown towels with rose wash cloths then do cream shades for waste basket, toothbrush cup, soap dish, etc... Or change it around. Gold/yellow would be best if was on a trim or no gold. But those three colors should look great in any color of a bathroom.

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