Monday, May 17, 2010

How can you keep a rose last for a long time?

I recieved a rose yesterday which is really special to me, i don't want it to wilt. What can i do to keep it lasting longer, other than keep it in a vase with water?

How can you keep a rose last for a long time?
after a while of being in a vase with water, just press it inside a book. it will flatten out and be dry, but it will last a long time. aw :)
Reply:If you really want to save it forever...hang it upside down to dry!
Reply:put an aspirin tablet in the water-it extends the life of the rose
Reply: this will keep your special rose looking the fresh forever.The product is reuseable so you can use it time and time again
Reply:Keep any flower in refridgretaor, for the long life of it....

I hope it work.....

Reply:hang it upside down in a dark closet and spray it with hairspray and leave it for a day or 2 in the closet. and it should last awhile
Reply:When you cut them to put in vase, do it in a sink of water. If you cut the stems under water they will bloom , and not bend over and die before they bloom.
Reply:Cut on a diagnal add the additive the florist gives you change water daily and buy more additive

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