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How can you save a rose forever?

Please if anyone knows how to keep a rose forever, just if u have an idea, that would help alot, thanx

How can you save a rose forever?
askaway gave you a really good answer. That's what I usually do with a special rose! or you can preserve them in paraffin wax.It's a lot of work but the results are well worth it.Melt two blocks of parrifin wax in the top of a double boiler or" you can use a 16 ounce tin can placed inside a pan of water" paraffin wax is very flameable so be careful.

You'll need Fresh firm flowers, . Wax paper and a cookie sheet.

Some flowers that wax well are roses,daisies,paper whites,tulips, hyacynths or any flower with a natural waxy coating.or bloom. Delicate flowers will wilt in the wax.

.Break the blocks of wax into chuncks and put them in the top of the double boiler or the tin can and place that into the pan of water. Make sure all the wax is melted then lower the heat just so the wax stays melted and hot.

Cut the flower stem to two inches from the bloom.Holding it by the stem carefully dip the entire bloom into the wax and immediately lift it out allowing excess wax to drip back into the pan.if the flower has many petal rounds gently spoon a little wax in the center after it is done dripping to ensure coverage.Hold the flower for 30 seconds then place it on it's side on the wax paper lined cookie sheet.Once the wax has hardened dip the stem in and out of the wax 2 or 3 times.Handle carefully so not to crack the paraffin wax. after the stem is completely cooled and hard repeat the entire process one more time. let it set 30 minutes or so to be completely cooled. Then cut a stiff wire"a clothes hanger works well" should be approx. 8 to 10 inches long, push the wire into the stem then wrap from the top of the stem to the bottom of the wire with green ribbon,place a drop of glue under the last wrp to secure it on the wire. your flower is ready to be used in an arrangement or in a vase by itself. you can do the leaves too and work them onto the stem with the ribbon.
Reply:There are places that preserve flowers by freeze drying or dehydration. They will color enhance them so the color stays true and put them in a glass box, or inside of an acrylic cube. I think it may be pricey, but if it's a very special rose you plan to keep forever, it may be worth it to have it put into something like this because dried flowers are so fragile and tend to fade and collect dust over time. Check for this service online - Keepsake Floral is one that I've seen.
Reply:you can put hairspray on it then put it in the frezer and then take it out after like 24 hours or so then it will not die anymore
Reply:There is a compond gel you can buy at hobbie lobby that you dip the fresh flower into and it preserves it color intact. Not sure of the name a friend of mine uses it all the time. A store clerk should be able to help you find it. It is quick and simple.
Reply:Not sure how we did it just lucky i still have the rose i wore in my tuxedo lapel when i got married 23 years ago it rests quietly in the arms of the angel that sits on our christmas tree with all its petals and leaves it was never hung upside down or pressed go figure i guess it air dried?
Reply:freese it
Reply:If you tie a string to the end of it and hang it upside down in a closet for a long time (maybe a month?), it should preserve it, but I think it has to stay hanging upside down.
Reply:before it dies, put it upside down in a bucket of sand.

You don't get to enjoy the live rose, but you can dry it out and preserve it this way. There are sprays you can buy at craft stores for once it is dried.
Reply:put it in the freezer.. or just stick it in a book
Reply:Nothing lasts forever. Just get another one.
Reply:Hang it upside down in a dark area so the colour doesn't fade then once it's dry spray it with hairspray or laquer.
Reply:tie the rose upside down and let it hang for a week or will find that the petals go hard....then spray it with hairspray/laquer and its yours for keeps......

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