Monday, May 17, 2010

How do I prevent rose petals from wilting?

So I have a friend whose birthday is quickly approaching and I am framing a poem that I have written for her. I want to put rose petals on the border inside the frame. I know there is a way for me to preserve them, I just don't know how. Please help me....

How do I prevent rose petals from wilting?
Hairspray I think does.
Reply:You can dry them in the microwave. Separate petals, then put them between 2 paper towels. Place that on a heavy microwaveable plate then put a matching plate on top, both face up. Micro on high for two minutes. Remove plates and gently remove petals from paper towels. They may be a little damp so put them on dry paper towels to dry. They will retain their color for a long time. I did some a year ago and they still look the same.
Reply:I think you can soak them in vinegar and then put in freezer until day needed.

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