Monday, May 17, 2010

How to rid of rose of sharon roots?

well i put a fence for neighbor and got rid of most of the rose a sharon however there are some stumps remaining and neighbor would like them dug out completely is there anything beside a smal back hoe that could do the job?

How to rid of rose of sharon roots?
If it is a very mature and old rose of sharon then the roots will run deep so you can either rent something to help you dig them out or you can get some stump killer to put on the remaining stumps. This will kill the stump and roots.

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Reply:With stumps you can hire an arborist to grind them out. Think of a giant cut-off saw that pivots back and forth across the ground. Problem is they can only go 6-12 inches max. Still that might be enough. Also they need access. They have to fit through the gate into the yard. And then there's price..$$$.

Got a bunch of buddies who like beer? Get a keg and invite them over to dig out the stump. Always goes faster with many hands, shovels and backs.

I'm looking out my window at two pyracantha you like beer?
Reply:Cut them at ground level, and probably every year for the next several. IF you can dig down some and cut them it will help
Reply:pull it out
Reply:you just have to put on some gloves and pull them out.

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