Monday, May 17, 2010

Is Ron Paul the Rose Perot of 2008? Can his growing influence swing the election for the Democrats?

It is well documented that without Rose Perot, Bill Clinton would not have won the election.

If Ron Paul grows to a substanial precentage of voters at the polls, will it damage the Republicans enough to hand the White House to Mrs. Clinton?

I'm serious.

Is Ron Paul the Rose Perot of 2008? Can his growing influence swing the election for the Democrats?
i hadn;'t thought of him as a Nader or a Ros Perot before, but now that you mention it, that is exactly what the DEMs need to win, a Nader for the republicans, and Ron Paul could be just that.
Reply:pretty sad from yahoo, that this is the question they stick on the Ron Paul site. Report It


The Republicans will lose the presidency in 08 unless they do nominate Ron Paul. I do wish more Americans would use their brains when they vote and study what candidates have voted on in the past, and what they truly stand for. President Bush has ruined the Conservative movement in America Report It

Reply:Ron Paul a lib/rino? He wants to eliminate the IRS, eliminate welfare, secure the border. Sounds like our current President is the lib/rino compared to Ron Paul's voting record. Republicans almost never vote like Republicans. Otherwise their voting records would be quite similar to Dr. Paul's. Report It

Reply:Who is "Rose Perot?" Report It

Reply:I rather doubt he will have any more votes from Republicans than democrats. He might get support in primaries that allow democrats to vote Republican.
Reply:so what? I hope he gets 5-10% of the vote. Once people realize that a 3rd party is viable then we only have to survive 4 yrs of that viper to get to a victory for the people.
Reply:With all three of you cereal bloggers/ callers on here you are not doing a bit of good and this Ron who can and will never get any where.

Get a job and life.

Ross Perot was a idot just like this Ron who you talk about as he is a cut and run Lib /Rino.
Reply:When you say growing influence do you mean the eight Internet spammers inject Ron Paul into every forum on the Web?
Reply:I think the man is going to win. However plan on voting in a House of Reps not afraid to impeach in case he doesn't. Because we'll need to if he doesn't win.

PRIMARY: House of Representatives.(THIS IS THE MOST VITAL PART)

SECONDARY: Presidency.

Quit thinking in terms of the trimmings, and properly build the foundation.

Reply:What influence? He's not going to win the Republican nomination and probably won't run as an Independent, so there is no way he will take votes from anyone in the General Election.
Reply:I have always voted republican. After Bush's move opening up our nation's highways to Mexican trucks, I'm listening to what Ron Paul or anyone else has to say. I'm sick of the same two choices. How can Bush say he is big on security then make a move like this?

If hillary wins, so be it. The republicans deserve to lose if this is how they are going to act.

thumbs down me all you want. the border needs to be sealed. This move lets Mexicans, or who knows what other nationality, we have no way of verifying who they are, or if they have been trained to drive a truck, drive through YOUR town in a dilapidated big rig with only god knows what in the back. They say they will be inspected. That's bull crap. In my ten years of driving, I have been inspected ONCE. IN CANADA. Every Americans should be afraid, very afraid because of this move
Reply:Ron is the Darling of the Yahoo! set. A fad, nothing more.....
Reply:Ron Paul has liike 2% of the vote. He ain't getting in office.

I don't care how crazy and psychotically loyal his 2% are. It just ain't happening.
Reply:As for Ron Paul,Maybe he is the Ross Perot of 2008. I will vote for Hillary and I don't care what

the republicans think about it. Our Country is is dept! Our young people are dying in this war! We have to get the republicans out of office!There are no jobs! We cannot take 4 more years or my goodness I hate to even think of it maybe even 8 more years under Republican rule.
Reply:Again ....I've never heard of this guy. Who is Ron Paul?

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