Monday, May 17, 2010

What are these pods on my rose bush?

I have this rose bush with peach colored roses and this year after the rose bloomed a pod appeared beneath the blossom. I have never seen this before and wondered if I could propagate the bush with these pods?

What are these pods on my rose bush?
Rose hips is the answer - the seed pod that can form from a rose - no sense in trying to grow new roses from it though. Use for a healthful tea - - best bet for continuing new roses is to nip off the dead flower at the next leaf connection ( hopefully at least 5 leaflets) and that will encourage the plant to send out new growth for new roses! You really don't want the rose hips (seedlings) to grow on your plant if you want the flowers to continue....doesn't matter the color or variety of the rose by the way.
Reply:check 2 make sure there isnt a worm n the pod.sounds like what happened 2 my spruce
Reply:It is called a rose hip. This is the natural end of the reproductive cycle of the rose. The seeds are contained within the hip. There are may herbal delights that can be done with rose hips. Try rose hip tea.

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